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Pure Heart Wellbeing

Pure Heart Wellbeing is the inspiration of Sheryl Duguid. A unique and simple, heart based approach to health and wellbeing. It uses a framework of meditation, support products and workshops to take you to a new level of better health and vitality for living. A modern approach to natural health and wellbeing.

forget sleep problems, phobias, & foul relationships.

Pure Heart Wellbeing will help you to manage stress in your busy life and enable you to focus on what is important for optimal health. Helping you to make a shift. Activating you to shine.

Inspiring you to choose love in all that you do.

Shift. Shine. Choose Love.

Sheryl Duguid


I am here to inspire people to live a life that flows and shines.

I am here to educate people on how to manage the stress in their lives and regain control...

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Pure Heart Wellbeing Meditation. Wow! Uplifting, transcending and blissful...

Lesa Terry
Clairvoyant. Naturopath


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