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Pure Heart Meditation

Sheryl has facilitated meditation for over a decade.
She uses a simple heart based technique, allowing you to connect to your true self on a soul level.

No experience is necessary and men and women are both welcome. No two meditation sessions are ever the same. Research has shown meditation has potential to reduce anxiety, pain, stress and depression. It can also assist with sleep problems. I like to include sound in my meditations, guided imagery and deep breathing techniques.

Meditation programs can be tailored for small group sessions as well as larger workplace/school groups. A great way to increase focus levels, productivity and better communication for staff and students alike!

Individual clients

Individuals gather in a yoga studio for a supportive group session.
Please email PureHeartWellbeing for details and cost.
Coffs Harbour, NSW,Australia.

Group Sessions

Bringing mindful relaxation meditation into your workplace or school.
Supporting Yr 11 & 12 HSC students. Supporting teachers to introduce mindful meditation to primary students.
Working with staff in high stress industries. Interactive sessions exploring optimal health and wellbeing.

Mindfulness Meditation

Quietening the mind, relaxing the body and visualising strength and success.

Working with groups up to 30 people. Larger groups are negotiable.
Sessions can be from 20mins – 1 hour.
From $60 per session.

A great way to get a conference started. A great way to support school students and teaching staff.
A great way to diffuse some of the built-up stresses within a work place.
I look forward to receiving your enquiries…….


Wellbeing Workshops

Interactive Workshops that teach you how to tap into positive energy to optimise your health and wellbeing.
Inspiring you to live your life with Heart…. Choose Love.

Past workshops ;  Making your life sparkle with Crystals

Bring back balance into your life.

Setting positive energy in your living and/or workspace.

Sticks & Stones…. Out with the old in with the new!


Wellbeing Workshops

2 hr workshops are held on Saturday mornings. Held monthly.
Session commences with a meditation, followed by workshop and finished with a cup of tea.
Everyone goes home with a gift! I can travel by request.



Guest Speaking

Sheryl is available to join you in your workplace, conference, workshop, even a morning tea to…

Topics offered…

“Relaxation Meditation is a preventative approach to stress and anxiety within the work/study environment.”

“Mindfulness is a better way of living. What is it? How do I do it?”

“The magic of meditation –targeting stress”

“Sound meditation and the therapeutic benefits.”

Please forward your enquiries/requests to Sheryl. She is open to travel opportunities!

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