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About Sheryl

Inspiration • Education • Balance • Growth

I am here to inspire people to live a life that flows and shines.
I am here to educate people on how to manage the stress in their lives and regain control.
I am here to take people to another level of self awareness.
I want to share the wonder and the beauty of crystals.

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My Background

I have worked as a Registered Nurse, and studied in depth in the areas of Reiki, Heart Resonance Therapy, Sound Healing, Meditation and Crystals. I have a fascination for all things energetic.

Yoga keeps me balanced and strong. Mother Nature is a never ending source of inspiration. I am the mother of 4 delightful adult children and am married to the “love of my life” Andrew, for over 30 years.

It is my pleasure to work with those that want to shift to the next level in optimal health and wellbeing.

Choose Love.

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